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Redler provide a full range of conveyor systems which are designed to increase efficiency in material handling. Using En-Masse MoveMaster technology, Redler provide comprehensive material handling systems.

Redler conveyor systems are varied and suitable for a wide range of purposes. They supply belt conveyors, in addition to effective chain conveyor systems and pallet conveyor systems. The diversity of Redler En-Masse conveyor systems ensures that all type of work can be carried out simply and effectively.

Redler understand the necessity for efficient portside applications as a fundamental aspect of thematerial handling process. Their extensive experience in working with, and developing, portside applications has led to the development of the PortBulk® material handling system. This mobile hopper offers supreme interaction between ship and dockside.

Redler have worked very closely with grab crane suppliers to create the PortBulk® system, which provides an optimal method of material handling. The versatility and flexibility of the mobile PortBulk® hopper allows advanced material handling practices to be implemented effortlessly. This in turn generates a quick and efficient bulk material transfer system. A key feature of the PortBulk® mobile hopper system is that it allows direct transfer between ship and road vehicles - invaluable when operating within strict time constraints. Material handling need occur only once, rather than using outdated systems which require multiple stages of material transfer.

The PortBulk® mobile hopper is reliable and robust enough to remain idle between vessel arrivals, yet start immediately when required and run continuously until discharge is complete. The PortBulk® system is dependable, economical and allows you to carry out material handling in minimal time.

To gain optimal efficiency, the PortBulk® mobile hopper unit can be used as part of an overallmaterial handling system in conjunction with Redler conveyors and elevators - systems which are used throughout the world.


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