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   Unison designs, develops and manufactures high reliability wiring harness and electrical interconnect systems. Our harness options include braided, open bundle and over molded harnesses. Our engineering team can optimize Unison designs to your specifications that provide high reliability with optimization of weight and shielding effectiveness. No matter what specific harness needs you have, from ease of maintenance to durability, Unison can engineer and deliver your wiring solution.


Unison can design and build custom bellows with smooth contours, uniform wall thickness, and greater strength for any application, in any industry.

Custom Designed Precision Components

From high stress oil-extracting equipment to pressure controls on space missions, Unison bellows are custom engineered to perform under stress, shock, vibration and corrosive agents. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities can accommodate prototype, short runs and long-term volume production. We provide intelligent solutions that include theoretical analysis, design, material selection, manufacturing, testing, field evaluation and service.

Typical Thermal Sensing Bellows Performance CharacteristicsTemperature: –125°F to 350°F (oil filled goes up to 800°F)
Operating Pressures: 200–300 psia internal, 2–22 psia external, 180–300 psia differential, up to 1050 PSIG Max
Response: Less than 6 seconds in agitated liquid baths for 63.3% total stroke


The wiring harness of choice among the world's leading airlines. Open bundle harnesses are inherently easier to maintain because the wires, connectors and backshells are not covered by any external covering or coating. Used in engines, engine nacelles, and inside aircraft hulls.

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